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January 23, 2018
Halton Hills Public Library. A world within our doors

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Locked in the Library

Locked in the Library

A Family Escape Room from the Halton Hills Public Library

“How fast can you get out?”


What it is: Our escape room is a fun, family-friendly, and library-themed series of puzzles that families can solve together. Players will combine their problem solving skills in order to overcome obstacles and “escape” from a room. The exits are not actually locked, so participants can leave to use the rest room or quit if they would like to. As everyone escapes from the room, everyone will leave the program a winner!

What to expect: The escape room is one half of the children’s program room in Georgetown. There will be a table, chairs, locked boxes, pencils, paper, as well as assorted decorations and clues. A staff member will bring you into the room and go over the rules. The challenges vary, but expect physical puzzles (blocks, jigsaws, etc.) as well as logic puzzles such as secret codes. There are very few “red herrings.” For extra challenge and fun, you can play in Spooky Mode with atmospheric music and dimmed lights!

Who can participate:

  • Teams of 2-6 players can participate.
  • At least one child or teen must be in attendance (see Registration)
  • Teams with kids 12 and under must be accompanied by an adult.
  • A general recommendation would be one or two adults, and one-to-three kids.
  • While designed for school aged kids and teens, even preschoolers can participate and help their team!


Team Name: Your team will need a name so think of a good one!

Time to completion: Everyone escapes from our escape room, but how fast can you do it? We’ll mark the time when you go in to see how fast you can get out. The average team with a mix of kids and adults can escape in around 45-75 minutes. Finish in under an hour and you’ll join the list of Escape Artists! All teams will be listed on our virtual score board.

Hints: If you get stuck and would like a hint, or just need help, we’ll give you a walkie talkie to call us on.

Fair Play: In order to make our escape rooms fun for everyone, we ask that you follow these rules:

  • Do not use a smart phone or any other personal technology to help solve the escape room.
  • Do not reveal any of the secrets of the escape room to others! VERY IMPORTANT!!!

Repeat Playing: We ask players to only play each escape room once. We will create new escape rooms for you to play! Each escape room will have a different name and will be changed seasonally.

Off-Limit Areas: Everything you need to solve the room will be readily available, although not always obvious. There is never anything hidden inside the ceiling tiles, wall cupboards, outlets, lamps, etc.



  1. Search “family escape room” in our catalogue at
  2. Click the button labeled Register for the program
  3. There will be a list of ‘sections’ with date and time. Pick the one that best suits and click Register.
  4. Log in and pay using a baby, child, or teen account. Only one registration is needed per group.

Cost: $15 per team